Commando: Steel Disaster Launches for Nintendo DS

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Videogame publisher XS Games along with developer Mana Computer Software announced today its new action game, Commando: Steel Disaster, for the Nintendo DS is now available at retailers nationwide. The game puts the player in the role of elite Commando Storm as he battles archrival Rattlesnake and his henchmen in a battle royale, putting an end to an evil plot for world domination.

A fast paced single player, 2D side-scroller, Commando: Steel Disaster is one of the most graphically rich games for the Nintendo DS. The title offers dramatic battle scenes, where up to 10 enemies can gang up at one time and attack in a variety of offensive patterns. The game features shocking boss characters, collectible items that can unlock hidden environments and challenging AI enemies that all add up to a very unique style of gameplay.