Commercial GP2X games are coming!

The GP2X has been out for some time and there are lots of homebrew games you can play on it and lots of emulators you can use. Now finally the first two commercial game releases have been announced.

The first one will be Vektar. It started as a freeware homebrew game but Vektar was so awesome that an enhanced commercial version was made which can now be preordered on SD card. Vektar is a classic style shoot em up inspired by Asteroids and Geometry Wars. It comes packaged with a replacement joystick cap for more comfortable control. You can read more about it, download a demo and preorder it here.

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The second commercial GP2X game will be Payback. Payback is an old school GTA style game with beautiful overhead 3D graphics and more intuitive controls than the original. You can read our review of the impressive GBA version here and download a non interactive and not yet final demo here.

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