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Company of Heroes 3 shows a bit of the campaign in new dev diary

Company of Heroes 3 dev diary

WWII will return in this new game of this legendary strategy franchise.

After discussing the game and its pre-alpha peek here on Game Freaks, we bring you Relic Entertainment’s announcement of the new dev diary released earlier this week, in which we get a more in-depth look at what’s in store for Company of Heroes 3‘s new Dynamic Campaign map.

The new Dynamic Campaign map.

We will have to make due with a dynamic campaign map that will determine the direction of the allied campaign in Italy “day by day, fight by battle” in order to embody the most dramatic and humanity-relevant military conflict in modern history. Users will make decisions in this mode that will affect not only the battles we fight, but also the path of the war itself.

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In the latest dev diary, we can see not only the map itself, but also specific sorts of strategies and army deployments that many players utilized in the game’s last pre-alpha presentation, which took place last July. Furthermore, we may vastly modify our army. Whether we want a specialized air force or certain unique foot troops, we can construct our army as we see appropriate.

New game changes with the community in mind.

While the game is being published, Relic’s devs have been listening to input from regular franchise players and players who played the game’s alpha. As stated in the dev diary, the development team intends to give the largest and finest multiplayer experience at launch.

The release of Company of Heroes 3 is planned for fall 2022 for PC.

Watch the new dev diary of Company of Heroes 3 down below.