Conscript is a pixel art survival-horror game set in the trenches of World War I


Australian indie developer Catchweight is hoping to recruit backers as they enter the final stretch before the launch of their new game. The survival-horror Conscript is set during World War I in the trenches of Verdun.

After three years of solo development, the studio is launching a Kickstarter campaign where they hope to raise just over $20,000. The funds will go toward additional animation, production, and development. So far, they have raised just over $2,000 from 111 backers.

Featured in the Steam Game Festival, Conscript draws inspiration from classic survival-horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The game engine utilizes a top-down perspective and mixes pixel art with hand-drawn, historical environments.

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You play as André, a young French soldier looking for his brother Pierre, who went missing in action during the battle of Verdun. Set in a historic and oppressive environment, you are under constant threat of bombings, gas warfare, and enemy raids. Carefully manage your limited supplies and craft what you can find to survive your journey across the battlefield.

Catchweight plans to release Conscript on PC in the second quarter of 2021. In addition to PC, other platforms are being considered depending on the results of the Kickstarter campaign. Before backing the project, you can try out a demo on Steam.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

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