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”Consumers have voted with their dollars”

Electronic Arts scored big with Madden NFL 06 (Nintendo GCN, PS2, Xbox), the first year of a multi-year exclusive agreement with the NFL. First-week sales reached 1.7 million copies, making it the biggest one-week launch of a Madden game in the franchise’s sixteen-year history. According to EA, both Madden NFL 06 and NCAA Football 06 are tracking well ahead of last year’s launch sales.

“Gamers were demanding the best Madden NFL Football ever this year and the response at retail indicates that we delivered the game that everyone wanted,” said EA Vice President of Marketing Todd Sitrin. “Consumers have voted with their dollars, and the vote is in — this is the best version of Madden NFL Football ever.”

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While these sales numbers are quite impressive, considering the fact that EA has no competition (other than from themselves with NCAA Football 06), this news comes as no surprise to anyone. For our review of Madden NFL 06, please click this link. For our review of NCAA Football 06, please click this link.