Core Keeper
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Core Keeper is out now on Steam Early Access

Core Keeper

Experience a fun sandbox mining adventure packed with lots of things to do and discover.

Pugstorm and Fireshine Games have announced that Core Keeper, their new game, is now available to play on Steam Early Access. Mine, craft, build, plant, and explore an amazing planet full of biomes alone or with friends.

Core Keeper

Over 130k people downloaded the Core Keeper demo at last month’s Steam Next Fest. The game’s development team has opted to take the game to Steam Early Access after receiving favorable feedback from those who have tested it.

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Core Keeper is a 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure set in an ancient cavern with critters, treasures, and trinkets, for those who are unfamiliar. Mine relics and resources to create a base, craft new equipment, and stay alive.

To understand the mystery of the ancient core, players must combat gigantic creatures, discover hidden secrets, farm crops, go fishing, make new recipes, and traverse a dynamically created underground landscape.

Get an avalanche of new content

Despite the fact that the trial provided a pretty complete gameplay experience, the Steam Early Access edition adds substantial additional elements such as fishing, railroads, automation, electricity, new foes, goods, weapons, a new nature biome, three new bosses, and more.

Additionally, demo participants will be allowed to continue their games in the Steam Early Access version. They will be able to import their world, character, equipment, and progress into today’s release, while new players will be able to experience everything for the first time.

Core Keeper is now available in Early Access on Steam for PC.

Watch the game trailer down below.