Core Keeper
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Core Keeper sells over 100k in first two days

Core Keeper

Despite only being Pugstorm’s second game, it has been their fastest-selling digital title.

Pugstorm and Fireshine Games revealed today that Core Keeper, their indie mining sandbox game, sold over 100,000 copies in the first two days of its release. Core Keeper is a sandbox mining adventure for one player situated in an ancient cavern full of critters, riches, and trinkets.

Build your base, manufacture new equipment, and stay alive by mining relics and materials. To unravel the mystery of the ancient core, defeat gigantic monsters, discover hidden mysteries, farm, fish, make new recipes, and explore a randomly created subterranean environment.

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A totally unexpected success for the indie developer

“We have been truly awestruck by the reaction to Core Keeper and are so thankful to all of the players who have joined us on our adventure so far,” said Sven Thole, CEO & Animator at Pugstorm.

“The launch success has cemented our future plans for the game, and we are very excited to listen to fan feedback and continue growing the game in the months ahead. This is just the start of Core Keeper’s journey,” Thole added.

Core Keeper

Furthermore, Core Keeper has become Pugstorm’s most popular game. It’s also worth noting that the game was released on Steam Early Access, which means it still has a long way to go until the final edition is released.

Core Keeper is currently available on Steam Early Access for PC. It is available at a 10% discount till May 15th.

Watch the game trailer down below!