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Crash Bandicoot Mobile spins onto Android

Crash Bandicoot Mobile

There’s a new Crash Bandicoot game out now in certain countries. This one is a free-to-play endless runner on mobile.

In Crash Bandicoot Mobile, Crash and Coco team up to stop Dr. Cortex from destroying the universe. Players will have to run, jump, spin, and slide their way to defeating Dr. Cortex and his devilish minions.

The game will let you take on classic enemies and bosses. They include Mutagen Ant, Scorporilla, Nitrus Brio, and Dingodile. The game will let you collect ingredients to upgrade Coco’s base. You’ll also discover new paths for various challenges and rewards.

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Crash Bandicoot Mobile is free-to-play with microtransactions, but they don’t seem to be too heavy-handed. The bigger issue is that users are reporting a number of bugs on the Google Play Store.

Hopefully, the game will get ironed out in the weeks ahead before its US launch. An official launch date has not yet been set. We also expect to see it on iOS.

Watch the game in action!