CrazySoft Splatters Palm w/ PaintBall 2

PaintBall has returned with more addictive, faster and richer gameplay! HiRes plus graphics with millions of colors, stereo sound, 5 different modes of gaming and Bluetooth multiplayer where you can play against your friends wirelessly. PaintBall 2 is the successor of our best seller, original, ball-sucking game, developed in a way that we can guarantee it will keep you hours and hours on your PDA.

Game features:

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1) Remade 16bit graphics
2) Stereo Sound
3) 2 times faster gameplay
4) 5 different gaming modes
5) Bluetooth Multiplayer
6) 3 different ball styles
7) Vibration and Joystick support
8) Export Hi-Scores to internet
9) Old devices supported

CrazySoft offers: our newest title PaintBall 2 with a 4$ discount, valid for some days, ONLY through our website. $4 discount until July 5th! The discount code is: paintball2 Visit their website for full details.

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