New Crowdfunding Website Opens Door to Video Game Profit Sharing


Have you ever wanted to invest in a video game project? Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter let you support games that you like but they do not let you invest in the traditional sense.

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That’s about to change.

Fig is a crowdfunding website dedicated specifically to video games that will allow micro-investors to reap the reward of their financial support with not just goodies like copies of the game and your name in the credits but also an equity stake.

“You get a percentage of the revenue share. That’s going to be called out pretty concisely on the page. The terms are static. We have lead investors that are involved. They work out the deal terms that they’re investing in, and the people investing alongside them get to do it on the same terms,” Justin Bailey, the founder of Fig, tells Polygon in an article that profiled the new crowdfunding website.

The first game to use this new model is indie space adventure Outer Wilds, an Independent Games Festival grand prize winner. Outer Wilds raised over $60,000 of its $125,000 goal in just a little over one day with about 50 percent of the commitments coming from investors with equity stakes.

The first few projects will only be open to accredited investors with combined spousal assets exceeding a million dollars who are willing to invest a minimum of $1,000. Over the coming months, Bailey says that the website will “open this up to everybody.”

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