Crowz is coming to Steam Early Access next week

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A new FPS is coming to Steam featuring a unique mix of genres.

Royal Crow and ThumbAge announced today that their new title, Crowz, will be available in Early Access later this month. In this realistic and strategic take on the squad-based shooter genre, conquer the battlefield by air, land, and sea.

Crowz is a free-to-play, team-based, massively multiplayer shooter in which mercenaries battle over precious meteorite resources for strong civilizations. To live as a soldier recruited by a great nation, players must compete and perform objectives in a squadron or face massive factional fighting in a contested area.

Two main game modes, two different strategies

This new FPS has two game types in which players must employ distinct strategies and game styles: Squad Operation and Blood Zone. Squad Operation is an open-world game mode in teams of four that takes us on a battle-royale journey. If you want something more classic, Blood Zone is a game mode in which 32 players fight in teams to determine who controls the region.


Training Ground and Custom Conflict are also available, allowing players to test out all of the game’s weaponry on the training ground or in custom matches of up to 80 people.

The Royal Crow team also intends to expand the game with regular updates that include gameplay upgrades, new weaponry, vehicle and parachutist skins, and much more. Suggestions and input from the community group will play an important role in continually improving the battlefield experience.

Crowz will arrive on Steam Early Access on March 29th for free.

Watch the game trailer down below!