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Crying Suns: The tactical rogue-lite indie is coming to Nintendo Switch

Crying Suns

Are you a fan of science fiction and rogue-lite video games? If you answered yes, then congratulations. Humble Games and Alt Shift Studio have revealed that the sci-fi rogue-lite game Crying Suns is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that casts you as a space fleet leader exploring a seemingly fallen empire. Each good run in this story-rich experience inspired by Dune and Foundation will reveal the truth about the Empire.

The game was released on PC years ago through Steam and the Humble Store. Plus, Android and iOS versions were released last year. This resulted in a group of over a million players across all platforms. Crying Suns is the cherry on top among gamers who like both storyline and strategy.

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Here is a description of the game from Humble Games:

After 700 years of peace and prosperity, the Galactic Empire has suddenly been shattered into pieces. The OMNIs, god-like machines which did everything for their human masters, have mysteriously shut down. And humankind, having long since lost the ability to survive on its own, is dangerously close to extinction. But somewhere in a far corner of the Galaxy is Gehenna, a planet of ice and rock and a top-secret facility that is the pinnacle of Imperial Tech and also humanity’s last chance.

You are a clone of Admiral Ellys Idaho, a weapon fashioned from flesh, the best Imperial Admiral ever to battle in the stars and you have just been awoken on this planet by its strange and darkly-humorous Guardian, Kaliban, the last functional OMNI to exist. Your mission: skillfully command a battleship through the Empire’s now chaotic, violent clusters ––where one wrong move could be your last–– as you try to reactivate the OMNIs and save the future of all humankind. But you must leave Gehenna now…. for time has almost run out.

The game is coming to Nintendo eShop on May 27. Digital pre-orders are open now. It is priced at $24.99. It requires 290 MB of free space.

Watch Crying Suns‘ Switch announcement trailer!