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CryoFall receives major single player update


If you are one of those who prefer to play alone, CryoFall‘s new update to the single player mode will improve your survival in this post-apocalyptic world.

Daedalic announced today that their sci-fi colony sim survival game, CryoFall, received brand-new content and features geared particularly at solo players in update 1.31. Players may now build their own local games to share with their friends, or they can play and even leave the planet to complete the game.

Create your world and share it with friends

CryoFall is a sophisticated multiplayer colony sim in which you construct your new life from the ground up, collecting resources, building machinery, trading with your fellow colonists, getting devoured by wild creatures, progressing from the Stone Age to the Space Age, and more.

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Players with a more isolationist streak may now use the customized servers option to establish local games to play totally alone, or invite some people from their local network when they feel lonely. Aside from that, players may now use the endgame-tier technology “Escape” to construct a launch pad and escape from the planet in order to complete the game and begin a New Game.

However, for those gamers who have yet to escape, there are a plethora of fresh choices. They may now recycle their old equipment and earn important resources back to create new equipment, such as the new Nemesis mech. This keinite-based mech repairs itself over time and has the ability to attach two whole new weaponry.

CryoFall is now available on PC via Steam. It’s currently on sale for $9.99 at Humble Store.

Have you seen the trailer of CryoFall? Check it down below!