Crystar comes with an art book when you pre-order

Spike Chunsoft announced at the Anime Expo 2019 that Crystar will come with a mini art book and eight PS4 themes for those who pre-order the game.

The upcoming action-RPG has you play as Rei, a girl who accidentally kills her sister. Rei tries to rescue her sister from purgatory, striking a deal with demons to combat their enemies in exchange for her sister’s safe release.

The game has a unique game mechanic that allows you to “harness the power of grief” to defeat your enemies. You’ll use Rei’s tears to craft weapons and armor as well as summon a guardian to protect her in battle.

Crystar was released in Japan last fall. It received positive marks from Famitsu, earning a 30 out of 40 from the popular Japanese publication.

Watch the new character trailer at Game Trailers 365!

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