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CS:GO concurrent players record broken again

After almost 11 years, CS:GO is still going strong!

Counter-Strike has always been one of the best in the multiplayer FPS genre. Since its inception, the game has always been a role model for many other franchises. As a result, with each new version of the game that comes out, there are more and more players.

However, after almost 11 years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is still much stronger than many people imagine. And proof of this is that, once again, the game has broken its all-time peak players this weekend with 1,818,773 active players!

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CS:GO breaks new record

Valve, as small as it was, has always been a trendsetter with its games. Team Fortress, Portal, Half-Life, and even Left 4 Dead, are games that have shaped the different genres they are part of. But, if we must highlight a specific franchise, it is Counter-Strike.

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No matter how many years go by, all those players who have played Counter-Strike titles always return to them. CS 1.6, CS Source, and many more are games that, to this day, still have tens of thousands of active players. But, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is out of this planet!

CS:GO has been, so far, the peak in quality of the franchise. And that has been noticeable in the number of players. However, in the last few months, several elements have been mixed that have made the game regain more popularity. Box fever, the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2, and all the new content have brought many players back to the title.

Because of this, CS:GO has once again broken its record of active players with 1,818,773! That’s practically three times as many players as Dota 2 has active players now. CS:GO is managing incredible numbers; possibly, they won’t stop going up. However, we have to wait for the release of Counter-Strike 2 to see if it can beat this record.