Cyber Showdown event Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite cyberpunk event Cyber Showdown is now live

Cyber Showdown event Halo Infinite

Once again, after the new event was leaked, 343 Industries has made it official.

343 Industries has made public the latest Halo Infinite event via its Halo Waypoint site. The 343 Industries team continues to provide high-quality content, and they’ve now released a new colorful event that takes us to a cyberpunk world for all gamers to enjoy.

They’ve also published a rather spectacular teaser on Twitter to go along with the news, highlighting some of the perks that come with Cyber Showdown. The concept of this new free event will be futuristic with a cyberpunk style.

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Let’s get into this cyberpunk event

Expect vibrant synthetic waves, eye-catching visual effects, and cyberpunk-style goods, such as a holographic helmet display, an illuminated neon crest, and more. These goods are available as part of the event pass and as micropayments in the Halo Infinite shop.

Cyber Showdown event Halo Infinite

The Cyber Showdown event has already begun in Halo Infinite and will conclude on February 1st. So don’t wait any longer and join the online matches of 343 Industries’ game.

Watch the teaser trailer down below!