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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova Review

Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami
Release Date: September 27, 2006 Also On: None

No matter what happens in this world, no matter how many wars take place, no matter what mutation humanity goes through, there’s always one thing that will remain certain: death, taxes and a new Dance Dance Revolution game will be developed by Konami every year. Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNova, is Konami’s latest installment in the everlasting saga, but is the same old dog with the same old tricks.

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The first and most obvious thing that you will notice different about the game is the music itself. Whether this is a good change or not is totally up to you, but in addition to the J-pop and techno beats you are accustomed to grooving to, they have been varying up the music, trying to give the game a different feel. Plenty of Dance Dance Revolution veteran artists make a return such as Naoki and BeForU, as well as plenty of new artists such as Fallout Boy and Franz Ferdinand.

Most features from previous Dance Dance Revolution games have been carried over to this version. Regular game mode, training mode for those of you who’re new to the series, even the workout mode, where you can burn off calories while having fun at the same time! The newest mode added to the game is experienced in single player mode. It’s called Stellar Master Mode and it gives the game a mission-based feel.

You visit (and by visit I mean dance) around different planets called “joints” floating in space. At each of these joints, you must complete a slew of dance tasks, moving on to new planets each time you complete a certain number of tasks. Eventually you’ll be able to partake in a “Showdown”. If you successfully complete a Showdown, you’ll move down on the line of joints. It’s the best, if not only, new addition to the Dance Dance Revolution series.

If you’re a Dance Dance Revolution fan, you’ll definitely enjoy this game, considering it’s the same as every one of it’s predecessors. Stellar Master mode adds a bit of variety and fun to the game, but it’s sadly the only noticeable change they’ve made to the series since the last Dance Dance Revolution. It would be nice to see a few more new ways to play the game next time around.

The old formula works, but it fails to captivate the diehard fans, who want more and more, or the people who’ve never payed too much attention to the series. Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNova is a good game without a doubt, but it’s sadly been the same good game for far too long now. If you’re looking for the same old Dance Dance Revolution with a new soundtrack, you’ve found your game, but if you’re looking for innovation, look elsewhere already.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 7.5
Creativity: 5
Replay Value/Game Length: 7.5
Final: 7
Written by Matt Review Guide