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Dance Factory Grooves Into Stores

Dance Factory, the only dance mat video game that creates moves from any music CD, is now available at retail outlets nationwide exclusively for the PlayStation 2, Codemasters announced today. With Dance Factory, players not only pick the tune but also can lay down their own moves in the game’s Recorder mode, where the game records players’ own dance, which can be saved for prosperity.

Dance Factory is a one-of-a-kind dance mat game that is infinitely expandable and customizable, and can even help players lose weight. Thanks to innovative and unique beat recognition technology, Dance Factory creates dance steps from any piece of music in gamer’s entire CD collection – all genres and artists. The game scans the track and generates a dance pattern to which players can groove. As other dance games have fixed song lists, Dance Factory is the next step in the evolution of dance mat games – truly combining gaming with a player’s personal taste in music for the fist time ever.

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