Dance Factory – Use Your Own CD’s

Set to revolutionize the dance mat gaming phenomenon, Codemasters today confirms that Dance Factory will launch in North America and Europe in April 2006. Coming exclusively to PlayStation 2, Dance Factory will be the world’s first dance mat game that enables players to personally choose the music tracks they want to groove to – from their own music CD collection! This incredible innovation means that dance gaming is no longer limited to titles with pre-set track lists or music genres.

Dancers load up Dance Factory on PlayStation 2, choose any music CD and watch as the game choreographs dance moves specifically for the track that the player has chosen – live! Then, the player can take to the dance mat stage and get their feet moving to the beats as the dance steps play out on screen. As well as making the moves, Dance Factory will also create animated background visuals to best match the style of any players chosen track and bring their routine alive.

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