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Dance! Online Launches for Free

Acclaim Games today announced the launch of the online game DANCE! Online, a free-to-play multiplayer online dancing game. In an industry first, DANCE! Online will feature top talent and master recordings from Warner Music Group, making it the first free multiplayer online dance game to feature major label content and artists. With the start of Open Beta testing this week, thousands of U.S. PC users will have the opportunity to dance virtually to songs from select WMG artists.

“This is by far the closest collaboration any major music label has ever had with an online game” said Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim Games. “DANCE! Online has started the music based game revolution which has captured the minds of hundreds of millions of players in Asia”, said David Perry, the game’s director and industry superstar designer.

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Players of DANCE! Online can create their own avatar and use either the keyboard or most PC compatible dance pads to match the beat of the song and to make their character perform choreographed dance steps. The game features up to 6 players dancing together and includes a variety of game modes and options. Players will be able to purchase optional items from the game shop to customize their virtual characters with clothing and various accessories. Players can also purchase song packs to dance to even more songs from WMG’s catalog. The game is free and will be supported by in-game advertising provided by IGA Worldwide.