Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is removed from Steam

A complaint by Nexon has caused the departure of the world’s largest digital video game store

Dark and Darker has been a completely unexpected success. Despite being in the testing phase, the game was amassing more and more players. But, the publisher behind the game has started a legal dispute and the future of the game seems very complicated.

The publisher, Nexon, has sued the developer, Ironmace, for unauthorized use of confidential information. Consequently, the publisher has requested the removal of the game from the Steam platform. And, since this past weekend, Dark and Darker have completely disappeared from the platform.

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“Distorted Allegations”

Dark and Darker has been the revelation of the RPG genre for the last 4 months. The game features a “battle royale” format but a modified one that engages players. And, although it looked like a very innovative game, this may not be the case. In fact, it may even be that all these ideas have been used in other projects. And that is why Nexon has opened a legal dispute.

The origin of all this problem lies in the fact that Ironmace is mainly formed by former Nexon members. A Japanese/Korean video game publisher that dates back to the 90s. These members now belonging to Ironmace, worked on a game or project of the same style of Nexon called P3. Game, which was canceled.

Nexon, through the DMCA, has filed a complaint for unauthorized use of confidential information from this project. They have even accused these new Ironmace members of transferring some files from the P3 project after transferring files from Nexon’s private server to their personal servers in 2020.

“Nexon’s P3 has never been disclosed to a third party company and, prior to the Dark and Darker trial, no other game had the same concept, genre, and story as P3″ the DMCA has shared. “Within just ten months of founding Ironmace, the demo/test was made public in August 2022. It is impossible for Ironmace to develop Dark and Darker in such a short period of time without Nexon’s confidential information.”

Ironmace, in the face of all this trouble, has spoken out. They even ask Nexon to renounce their unsubstantiated information. At Ironmace, they assure that these are “distorted accusations” on the part of the publisher. This serious problem has just begun, and the return of Dark and Darker to Steam is still not on the horizon. If you want to know more about the case, we recommend you visit the Reddit post below.

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