Dark Fall: Lights Out Review

Developer: XXV Publisher: The Adventure Company
Release Date: August 26, 2004 Also On: None

Dark Fall 2 is the first game that I have ever played from The Adventure Company. I didn’t know what to expect. This is probably the most logical game I have ever played.

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The story is fairly simple. Your name is Benjamin Parker, a cartographer from England. You have been sent out to Trewarthen, a Cornish harbor town to map out the area, after many people have lost their lives on the jagged rock. You have talked to people about the village and especially about Fetch Rock Lighthouse. The light goes out and you investigate.

The start of the game can be just as baffling as any other part, in any game. That includes this one. Unlike similar games, such as Broken Sword, this game requires you to think about what you are doing and take notes on it. It is very realistic – not because of the graphics or the sound, but simply beacause of the way things have to be dealt with.

All the way through this game, you can imagine yourself being there and you are required to make your own decisions. The only unrealistic thing about this game was the time travel – but it adds a great element to the game as you have to find out how before you can (and I don’t mean finding a machine and stepping into it).

In my research for Dark Fall 2, I found many interviews with the creator – ALL of which he mentioned how sound was very important. He wanted the sound to bring this game to life and not the visuals. Most of the sound in this game is designed to make you wary – and if you are playing in the dark in an empty house, then it does. Certain elements of the sound will make you jump – a great feature in my eyes. I have never seen a game of this genre meet a ‘horror’ level. So yes, the sound is good and too are the visuals – most of the graphics in this game are stills, but good quality. Explore 50 different locations in this game, with each step a 360º view. If you want a video intensive game – don’t play Dark Fall 2!

One thing that lacks in this game is the ability to meet people. You won’t meet many but then this isn’t just a negative because it adds to the ‘eerie’ feeling when you do meet somone.

The gameplay time in this game is a lot more than what I was expecting. The story revolves around many places, which you travel back and forth to – be it in the present day or 1912. There will be parts in this game that you think are ‘unsolvable’ but they are – everything requires thought.

Although this game has a huge playing time – the replay value wouldnt be great. Personally, I wouldnt play the game twice, because I know what to do, but the time I spent on the the first completion was time well spent. If you are a Broken Sword fan (who isn’t?), buy this game! But be in for a shock when you realise how easy they made Broken Sword for you. If you want a game where you need to think about, observe and note down everything that you do, as well as giving you the odd scare too, then this is the game for you.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 8.5
Gameplay: 9
Creativity: 9
Replay Value/Game Length: 8.5
Final: 8.6
Written by Dean Review Guide

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