DayZ Update 1.15 introduces new weapons, female character, and more

DayZ Update 1.15

The AUR Bullpup rifle, a new female character, the classic barbed-wire baseball bat, and more arrive in DayZ.

Bohemia Interactive announced the release of the DayZ 1.15 update, which will include a slew of new features that will enhance the gameplay experience for many users. Aside from speed improvements, we will see new weaponry, a new female character, and new server administration tools for server owners.

Rifles, new weapons, a new female character and more!

Among the most significant modifications in this new version are the new rifle AUR A1/AX bullpup and the new female character who, with her aesthetics and strong personality, strives to distinguish herself from the other existing characters.

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DayZ Update 1.15

The new weapon is light, nimble, and oh so useful when it comes to wreaking havoc in a confined space. The rifle comes in two versions: the A1 with fixed sight and 30-round magazine, and the far more configurable AX edition, which accepts a wide range of scopes and is compatible with standardized magazine sizes and suppressors.

However, these are not the only weapons that have been introduced to the game. Fans of The Walking Dead will rejoice with this new update, which features a barbed wire baseball bat, which is all the rage for the apocalyptic survivor wishing to convey a very strong message of purpose.

Technical and gameplay changes

In version 1.15, there is a number of fixes/tweaks to good old quality of life. A significant clipping issue that affected all headgear and balaclavas has been rectified. Head torches can now be set to the inventory slot for glasses. Water and energy use and thresholds have been adjusted. Audio feedback has been introduced when changing a weapon’s firing mode.

DayZ Update 1.15

Server owners will have access to new tools for both the PC and console versions, enabling them to make simple yet substantial adjustments to the multiplayer experience. Build anywhere, manipulate the weather, spawn objects, and change features; all of this and more will bring endless diversity.

DayZ is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Watch the teaser of the new DayZ update down below!

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