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DayZ update adds shelters, vehicles, clothing, and more

DayZ shelters update

The latest DayZ update has arrived across all platforms. Update 1.10 brings “substantial” changes to the game, according to Bohemia Interactive.

The update includes the return of the M3S truck. On top of that, all vehicles now offer increased engine durability during collisions with the environment. Plus, players now take damage when jumping out of a car. There’s also the option to repair the vehicle’s chassis with epoxy putty and the engine itself with a pipe wrench – that is unless it’s already ruined.

Here’s what else you can expect:

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There are new shelters. They come in three variants (stick, tarp, leather) and offer basic storage capacity, as well as protection from the rain. Speaking of the elements, cold mornings and warm afternoons are more realistic now, as are local wind speeds and altitudes. Furthermore, players can temporarily contain heat from fireplaces. The user interface now contains information about the heat insulation qualities of an individual piece of clothing, and heat insulation / maximum absorption limits for all clothes which have been rebalanced, offering players a variety of choices regarding protection against the rain or cold.

Leg fractures are back as well, along with improvised fixtures (splints). Legs can be broken in all kinds of situations, including combat, stepping on a bear trap, falling or jumping from a great height, and even while jumping out of a car. Keep in mind that if you don’t fix a fracture with a splint, you will suffer limited movement, as well as frequent shock damage, which can render you unconscious. Visualizations of current shock values have been added (i.e. how close you are to unconsciousness), as well as when the actual shock damage is dealt. Applied splints are now visible on the injured player as well.

Rounding out the update, the signal pistol has returned and can light up the night sky in four distinct colors, the longevity of items has been lowered dramatically, and locked doors stay locked during server restarts, while the rest of the doors are randomized. Localization tweaks have also been added, including the introduction of localization into Brazilian Portuguese.

DayZ is a zombie survival game. After five years of early access, the game launched on PC in 2018. It is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Watch the Update 1.10 trailer below!