Dead Space Remake
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Dead Space Remake release date confirmed

Dead Space Remake

EA’s classic space survival horror game is coming to the new consoles and PC with a remake that you can’t even imagine.

EA is one of those companies that have found a sweet spot when it comes to developing games for the new generations of consoles. Even though their game engines are already many years old, they still deliver on the graphical side of things. Thanks to this, EA has taken the decision to revive a franchise from 2008 that is very dear to horror fans.

After its announcement at EA Play Live 2021, we now know when Dead Space will return. This new installment of the franchise is a remake of the first game that is being developed from scratch using EA’s Frostbite Engine. Therefore, many people pointed to the end of 2022 for its release, but it won’t be until January that we will see it.

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A classic is coming back but way better

During a livestream today, EA talked more about Dead Space Remake. Since its announcement last year, it wasn’t until today that more information about the title was released. The event focused specifically on the art direction of this new game, which aims to recreate the original graphics to “create a new level of immersion and quality.” Fans can expect all this while maintaining the horrific, cold and grotesque original atmosphere that received such good reviews.

Dead Space Remake

The team at EA Motive has shared that they are pushing the Frostbite engine to the extreme to achieve the graphical leap. They have shared some early cinematics and images of the game where you can see many of these changes; if we compare these changes to the original game, it is a huge change.

The classic gameplay will change… hopefully for the better

After talking about all these graphical aspects, it was added that they plan to make big changes to the gameplay. This could be a noose around EA’s neck. Changing the gameplay of a classic game is very complicated and potentially full of landmines. In many cases, by doing this, the essence of the classic is lost. But, if you think about it, it could also be a total success if they pull it off.

What we can expect is that the game mechanics are adapted a little to the current times. Maybe you won’t start building like a madman as in Fortnite, but shooting, movement and stealth mechanics will be present.

Dead Space Remake will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on January 27, 2023. In addition, a possible demo is expected to be released in the fall, but no further information is available at this point.

Watch an early walkthrough of the game down below!