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Deadwater Saloon is a Western management simulator

Create the most renowned saloon in the region or be overrun and destroyed in Deadwater Saloon.

Today, Creative Storm Entertainment along with Creative Forge and the newly created Tanglefoot Games, announced their next title, Deadwater Saloon.

As a saloon owner in a volatile frontier town, you’ll be immersed in the Wild West in Deadwater Saloon. In this new management simulator with RPG features, you may customize your character and suffer the repercussions of your decisions as you make friends and enemies of townspeople, travelers, outlaws, and lawmen.

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Set up an Old West saloon

Create your own saloon from the bottom up. Build opium dens, high stakes gaming rooms, and railed porches, and expand the walls. Spittoons, tables, chairs, handmade bars, pianos, chandeliers, and diamond dust mirrors may all be purchased and placed. That is, it will not be as simple as it appears…

Survive in a complicated economic system by hoarding alcohol, food, weapons, and opium. Investigate a wide range of beverages and meals to provide to consumers. Hire and manage personnel from the town’s population, such as bartenders, cooks, waiters, prostitutes, croupiers, pianists, and bouncers, and help them attain their maximum potential, or fire and replace them with more talented individuals.

Face nature’s elements, obnoxious clients, zealous preachers, competing criminal gangs, and much more. In lengthier event chains, you will be tested by a more powerful and fearsome enemy at some time. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you will have to live with the repercussions of your decisions.

Deadwater Saloon will be available on PC through Steam sometime in Q2 2022. If you like, you can add this title to your Steam wishlist right now.

Watch the trailer down below!