Death End re;Quest 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch

Death End re,Quest 2

Death end re;Quest 2 for Nintendo Switch will be released first in the US and then in Europe.

After almost eight months since the original Death end re;Quest launched on the Switch, Idea Factory said today that the sequel to this horror-inspired visual novel RPG, Death End re;Quest 2, is coming to Nintendo Switch. The Switch version is coming about four months after it was released on Steam.

The Death End re;Quest series of games, as my colleague Drew noted in his review of the game, is apart from the normal Idea Factory material. As Mai Toyama flees his dark past, he finds consolation in meeting with his long-lost sister, Sanae, who was last seen in the foreboding mountain village of Le Choara. Mai enrolls in the Wordsworth Women’s Residence in Le Choara in order to locate her relative.

Death End re,Quest 2

She quickly finds that the peaceful community is home to terrible monsters known as Shadow Matter, who prowl in the shadows at night. Mai’s investigation may turn up long-buried mysteries that stalk Le Choara around every cobblestone corner.

Without a doubt, the fights are the most notable aspect of this title. During most confrontations, players launch a series of blows that drive foes fleeing around the sphere, inflicting significant damage. The majority of the encounters are really simple initially, but a big difficulty spike a few chapters in makes things more intriguing.

Death End re;Quest 2 will be released for the Nintendo Switch in North America on February 8, 2022 and in Europe on February 11, 2022. One thing to keep in mind about this Switch port is that every DLC – whether paid or free (as well as the original Japanese Glitch costumes) – is free in the Switch edition. Pre-orders are open now.

Watch the trailer down below!

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