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Demo for The Sacred Rings Released

The Adventure Company, a leading publisher of PC adventure games worldwide, today released the demo for The Sacred Rings, its visually stunning first-person point-and-click adventure developed by Streko-Graphics Inc. Currently available in retail stores, The Sacred Rings has a suggested retail price of $29.99 USD.

The AURA 2 demo begins with the game’s intro movie, providing you a glimpse into one of the breathtaking full motion videos Streko-Graphics is famous for creating. The demo showcases two story-driven scenes, however the full game includes 40 minutes of incredible cut-scenes. Taking on the role of Umang, you awaken from an unconscious slumber and find yourself in a strange, dark and unwelcoming world with a series of mysterious rings in your possession – The Sacred Rings. These all-powerful objects have the ability to grant their possessor unlimited power and immortality.

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