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Destiny developer Bungie goes remote-first in seven states

Destiny developer Bungie goes remote-first in seven states

The developer behind Destiny 2 is now a remote-first company for most of its positions.

Bungie said this week that it is committed to remote work. In a post on Twitter, the company said that “most current and future roles will be fully remote eligible in these states with more coming soon.”

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The states that are approved for remote work at Bungie include California, Illinois, Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington. The company plans to add more states in the future. The reason that it is limited to these states is likely due to state tax and labor laws.

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There’s a clear trend across the United States in favor of either remote-first or remote-friendly work. This development accelerated due to the pandemic, forcing workers to stay home. Aside from being popular with a lot of workers, remote work also has the potential to save employers on expensive office space.

This is also true in the video game industry where remote work has become more common. As Bungie shows, many of the positions that are ineligible for remote work are for security, IT, and unannounced projects that require confidentiality.

Bungie has a lot of job openings at the moment. You can find their full list of open positions on their website.

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