Devil May Cry 3 Beats Hulk; Forza vs. Psychonauts

Here’s a blowout for ya. #6 seeded Devil May Cry 3 (PS2) dropped a bombshell on #11 seeded Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (GCN/PS2/Xbox) in yesterday’s results with a 72.7% to 27.3% win. The higher seed held its ground after an upset the other night when #13 seeded We Love Katamari (PS2) held off #4 seeded Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PS2/Xbox).

Today’s matchup squares #3 seeded Forza Motorsport (Xbox) against surprise hit #14 seeded Psychonauts (PS2/Xbox). Tomorrow’s match promises to be suspenseful as Burnout Legends takes on From Russia with Love. We’ll have the results for you tonight at midnight for today’s matchup. Until then, place your vote on the homepage and check out the brackets for the latest results on all of your favorite games of 2005.

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