Devil May Cry 5 Review Roundup

As the first mainline Devil May Cry game in over a decade, Devil May Cry 5 garnered a lot of interest from longtime fans and generated buzz in the gaming press. Now that it’s out, how is the game doing with critics?

The short answer: critics like it. Some like it a lot. It is being praised as one of the best games – if not the best game – in the nearly 20-year-old franchise.

“Capcom has done it again,” GamesRadar declares. “It looks better than ever, plays better than ever. It’s Devil May Cry better than ever.”

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IGN’s Mitchell Saltzman agrees with that sentiment, stating flatly that Devil May Cry 5 “set a new high bar for the series.”

Darren Forman of writes that his first playthrough of the game was underwhelming. “It’s not until Devil May Cry 5 starts throwing tougher enemies into the mix and the main characters have most of their skills unlocked that the game really comes to life.” He suggests playing through at least a second time to get the most out of the game.

At the moment, Devil May Cry 5 is averaging an 88 out of 100 on OpenCritic. Many of the critics agree that Capcom successfully revived the franchise, bringing it back to its roots after a long hiatus.

Of course, there’s only so much you can learn from reading reviews of Devil May Cry 5. Be sure to check out the first 17 minutes of gameplay over at Video Game Streamers to see the game in action for yourself.

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