Digital Extremes demos Warframe: Empyrean expansion, shows off new intro

Digital Extremes unveiled a 30-minute live demonstration of its cooperative space combat expansion, Warframe: Empyrean.

The demo was shown during TennoCon 2019, the fourth annual Warframe conference. Digital Extremes presented Empyrean‘s new, larger-scale cooperative gameplay with fluid ship-to-ship combat, the new multiplayer Squad Link system, and customizable battleship options.

Watch the demo below:

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In addition, Digital Extremes also showed off a movie-quality cinematic introduction from director Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane, Black Mirror: Playtest, The Boys, Uncharted). The re-imagination of the game’s introductory story presents Trachtenberg’s and Digital Extremes’ vision of an older era in the Warframe universe.

In the Old War — the Orokin Era — when the original Warframes rebelled against their Orokin masters, flashback scenes depict them in battle against Dax Warriors in action scenes with proto-Grineer soldiers looming in the background. The new intro brings new narrative context and intense cinematic action to the Warframe universe like never before.

Watch the new introduction below:

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