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Disco Loco 3D is a dance challenge game coming exclusively to TikTok

Disco Loco 3D

Zynga is the first video game company to develop a game exclusively for TikTok. It’s called Disco Loco 3D.

Today, Zynga announced a project they have been working on since the middle of this year in collaboration with ByteDance. Disco Loco 3D, a musical dance challenge developed in HTML5, will be the first game that an industry developer has made exclusively for TikTok.

Massive growth

TikTok’s growth has been exponential in the last couple of years. Despite already having an extensive history in the market, since its launch as Musical.ly, the company has received an incredible amount of active users thanks to the pandemic. The new users have made the application the most used in the last two years.

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This has caught the attention of Zynga, one of the leading companies in mobile games, as TikTok has an interactive filter system developed in HTML5. After many rumors concerning a possible collaboration of TikTok with a video game developer, finally Zynga is the one that brings the Disco Loco 3D project to the table.

An endless runner that will make you dance

Disco Loco 3D is a single-player infinite runner game in which players amass their own dancing skills while competing with their friends and fans on the famous entertainment platform. In the game, players must dance to funk music while navigating a progressively difficult runway.

Players must dodge obstacles such as speakers while collecting as many medallions as possible before reaching the end of the catwalk. Players can also dance in “Fever Mode,” where they can utilize their dancing techniques to smash nearby items.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to reach new audiences across the globe through TikTok’s massive and unparalleled user base. We are thrilled to announce Disco Loco 3D as the first HTML5 title to debut on their platform from an official game studio partner,” said Bernard Kim, president of publishing at Zynga.

“Zynga has a rich history of creating games that utilize platforms’ unique user experiences to bring fresh and fun concepts that resonate with players wherever and whenever they get their entertainment,” he added.

Despite presenting images of Disco Loco 3D in the presentation trailer, the game is not yet in the final stage of development. So Zynga did not announce a release date.

Watch the trailer of Disco Loco 3D down below!