Discord rolls out forum channels feature

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Discord just added forums as a new feature.

Today, Discord begins rolling out its latest community feature: Forum Channels. Here are all of the details directly from Discord via an email to us:

This year, Discord set out to invest in larger spaces by building new tools and features to help Community admins, moderators, creators, and the members they support get the most out of Discord. Following the launch of AutoMod, we’re pleased to share another update on this work. 

Forum Channels help a community server hold organized, meaningful conversations without drowning each other out. Now communities can create dedicated spaces for each new topic of discussion. Members will be able to see everything people are chatting about before they jump in, allowing them to engage in an existing discussion — or start a new one — without worrying about breaking up or getting in the way of other ongoing conversations.

Forums are a place designed for focused discussions, not just free-range chatting. When members explore a Forum Channel, they’ll see a list of posts that start new conversations, complete with big bolded titles and relevant tags.

Do you use Discord? What do you think of the new forum channels? Share your thoughts with us on the forums!