Divinest Light has some strong Limbo vibes

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Divinest Light

If you’re a fan of the indie classic Limbo, you may want to check out the single-player puzzle-platformer Divinest Light.

“Set in a mysterious and dark world, Divinest Light features a unique shadow-avoidance mechanic that helps the protagonist survive only if it is illuminated,” indie developer Gleb Mirolyubov says.

Similar in style to Limbo, the game implements a seamless transition between its menu and gameplay. It also contains a minimal amount of text to increase the level of immersion in the game world.

Divinest Light was released on Steam a couple of months ago but has received little to no attention. That’s a shame because it does look interesting. Plus, it’s cheap. It is currently available for $4.99 on Steam.

My Take

I haven’t played it myself, but it looks promising from the gameplay that I’ve seen. You can check it out for yourself in the embedded video below!