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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart launches new NFT trading card game set

Doctor Who NFT Trading Card Game

The NFT trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart just launched a new card set. Time Lord Victorious includes two brand new packs of the cards themed around the transmedia series of the same name.

The highly anticipated Time Lord Victorious card set for the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart NFT TCG for PC and Mac was just published by Reality Gaming Group and BBC Studios.

The Time Lord Victorious set adds two packs of cards based on the series to the game, which follows Doctors from across the series as they face off against Daleks and the ancient alien species known as the Kotturuh. Each of the fifty new cards contains hand-drawn artwork, old and new Doctor Who characters, companions, and adversaries.

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This collection is the first time that totally new cards have been permanently introduced to the game, joining the initial cards published in November 2020 as part of the “Unearthly Origins” set.

The cards in the new set are available in two packs: the Core Pack, which costs $4.99, and the Premium Pack, which costs $49.99. Because all the cards, artworks, characters, and attributes are identical throughout all packs, you just need the Core Pack to enjoy the new mechanics and gameplay. The Premium Pack, created for collectors and NFT aficionados, includes the brand new Time Lord Victorious and Kotturuh frames and is only available for a short time.