Doom 3: VR Edition launches on PS4

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Doom 3: VR Edition

Doom 3: VR Edition is now available on PlayStation VR.

Archiact developed the PSVR version in collaboration with id Software. It features both Doom 3 and its expansions – Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. The VR Edition retools id’s classic shooter for PSVR technology.

“Immerse yourself deeper in the terror thanks to all-new enhancements for virtual reality, including head tracking to peer around corners, angling shots with your flashlight-mounted weapons, 180-degree quick-turn functionality to catch sneaking demons in their tracks and a wrist-mounted display to track your health, armor and ammo,” publisher Bethesda says.

PlayStation VR Aim Controller

The VR Edition also has full PSVR Aim controller support.

“Use the AIM controller’s precision to land the perfect headshot, easily check corners or blind fire from cover, and dodge attacks without pulling your finger off the trigger,” Bethesda adds.

Watch a trailer for Doom 3: VR Edition below!

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