Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One is out now

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One

The first DLC expansion for Doom Eternal, The Ancient Gods Part One, just launched.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One is a new single-player chapter available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. It does not require the base game, Doom Eternal, which launched back in March.

Bethesda announced The Ancient Gods at this year’s Quakecon. The first of a two-part story expansionThe Ancient Gods Part One casts you once again as the Doom Slayer. Confront an ancient evil that’s ripping and tearing through never-before-seen locations in the Doom universe.

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All players who own the deluxe edition of Eternal or the Year One Pass can access The Ancient Gods. It is also available as a separate standalone purchase and includes access to Battlemode. Players do not need to own Doom Eternal to purchase and play The Ancient Gods.  The Year One Pass is available for $29.99 and includes both Part One and Part Two.

As for the base game, it is now available on Xbox Game Pass. In addition, it was announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X with a free next-gen upgrade for current-gen owners.

Watch the launch trailer below!