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Double Kick Heroes launches on PC and Nintendo Switch, coming soon to Xbox One

Double Kick Heroes

The unique rhythm shooter Double Kick Heroes is out today on PC via Steam and Switch via the Nintendo eShop. It’s also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass on August 28.

Double Kick Heroes is a rhythm shooter with a full story mode. It comes packed with 50 different head-banging songs. The artists include Ultra Vomit, Volkorx, Gorod, Jinjer, Carpenter Brut, and Gojira.

Here’s a description of the game from developer Headbang Club:

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You’re the hope of the last bastion of humanity. Jump into your Gundillac, Sheila and grab hold of the wheel – it’s time to take on everything a post-apocalyptic, metal-inspired rhythm shooter can throw at you, whilst moshing to the sickest heavy metal soundtrack in a game to date.

The game lets you use your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller for optional motion controls. The Joy-Con can be used as drumsticks. You can also stomp to the beat. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can go “double air-kick style” with virtual drumsticks in one hand while stomping your foot with the other Joy-Con. Thankfully, the developers put together a handy tutorial, which you can watch below.

Double Kick Heroes has five different difficulty settings to test your mettle as you rock out to metal. It also features USB drum and guitar support on PC and Xbox One. So there are plenty of different ways to experience the game.

Watch the launch trailer below!