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Download the free print-and-play version of Pandemic: Hot Zone — North America

Pandemic: Hot Zone — North America

The makers of the hit board game Pandemic have released a print-and-play version. It’s for their upcoming Pandemic: Hot Zone — North America. Best of all, it’s completely free!

The print-and-play version of Hot Zone – North America is available to download via PDF and printed on your home printer. Including the instructions, game board, and game cards, it only requires 17 pages of paper. So you won’t need a giant ream of paper.

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The original Pandemic game was published in the United State in 2008 by Z-Man Games. It’s a card-driven, cooperative strategy game that tasks players with stamping out four highly infectious diseases as they flare up all over the world. The Hot Zone series narrows the scope of play, focusing on smaller regions of the world and a limited number of diseases. Gameplay is also much faster, while keeping the same spirit of the original.

Meanwhile, if you want the actual board game version of Pandemic: Hot Zone — North America, pre-orders are now open at Amazon.