Dr. Mario World gets new world, stages, doctors, and assistants

Nintendo has added a new world, twenty new stages, and three new doctors to their mobile-only puzzle game Dr. Mario World.

The newly available World 6 has a mine theme featuring twenty separate levels. You’ll need to clear Worlds 1-5 before you can start playing World 6. You’ll earn a Bob-omb assistant as an area clear reward.

The three new playable characters will be easily recognizable to Mario fans. You can now play as Dr. Wario, Dr. Daisy, and Dr. Waluigi.

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In Stage Mode, Dr. Wario gives you three extra capsules and three extra seconds in timed stages. Dr. Waliuigi has the ability to eliminate ten dust viruses. Dr. Daisy, meanwhile, can eliminate an object of your choice.

There are also several new assistants, including Monty Mole, Thwomp, Fuzzy, and Mechakoopa. All of the additions are now live and will require a download.

Dr. Mario World was released in July on Android and iOS devices. In my review, I called it “a well-balanced free-to-play title that doesn’t gouge you for cash like many other mobile games.”

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