Dr. Sudoku Could Save Lives

Video game publisher Mastiff hopes to increase the longevity of Game Boy Advance owners’ lives with their upcoming release of “Dr. Sudoku.” According to a recent study conducted at the University of Edinburgh, games such as Sudoku can awaken ‘survival genes’ that lay dormant in the human brain. These survival genes make the brain cells live longer and resist disease, strokes and the effects of drugs. Mastiff will be releasing “Dr. Sudoku” for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in March 2006.

“When brain cells are highly stimulated, many unused genes are suddenly reactivated. We have found that a group of these genes can make the active brain cells far healthier than lazy, inactive cells, and more likely to live a long life,” said Giles Hardingham of the University of Edinburgh at the annual meeting for the Society of Neuroscience in Washington.

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