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Dr. Who: The Edge of Time devs go behind the scenes with new VR game

The developers of the upcoming Dr. Who virtual reality game Dr. Who: The Edge of Time recently went behind the scenes to show fans a sneak peek of the game and some familiar enemies.

If you haven’t heard, Dr. Who: The Edge of Time is an upcoming VR game based on the popular Dr. Who television series. The game was announced at E3 last month. It is coming to PC and PS4, and it will require an HTC Vive, Vive Cosmos, Oculus Rift, or PlayStation VR headset.

The game sends players on a mission to save the universe with the Doctor in an adventure through space and time. According to the devs, you will get to “travel across the universe, visit alien locations, pilot the Tardis, and solve the mystery of the controlling force behind the Reality Virus.”

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In addition to the behind the scenes developer diary, the developers at Maze Theory also released a series of videos showing off some of the monsters featured in the game.

First up are the Weeping Angels, a “terrifying and powerful species of quantum-locked humanoids who are as old as the universe.” They get their name due to their appearance of weeping, although they’re not actually balling out all the time. They’re covering their eyes to protect themselves from being frozen by other angels.

Hydrorks are a brand new and unique species to Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. According to the devs, “they are vicious amphibians, sometimes used as guards by races like the Stenza and Zygons. They are incredibly eerie, slimy and have a penchant for staring at you! These deadly carnivores have no table manners and possess a real taste for human flesh, with their hunger never being sated.”

Finally, there are the Daleks, an old foe from the planet Skaro. Their main leader – Davros – is an evil scientist. They were once Kaleds but were badly mutated from nuclear war. Davros genetically modified them, integrating them with a tank-like robotic shell and removing every emotion apart from hate.

Dr. Who: The Edge of Time will be released in September.