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Dragon Quest 1-3 out today on Nintendo Switch

The first three games in the Dragon Quest series are out today on Nintendo Switch.

Square Enix announced earlier this month that they were bringing the first three Dragon Quest classic games as digital downloads to Nintendo’s eShop. They were released on iOS and Android devices at the beginning of September.

Considering their age, they are fairly expensive. The Switch version of Dragon Quest retails for $4.99, Dragon Quest 2: Luminaries of the Legendary Line retails for $6.49, and Dragon Quest 3: The Seeds of Salvation retails for $12.49.

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Released in 1986, the Dragon Quest series quickly became a benchmark RPG in the industry, gaining a large and passionate fanbase worldwide. Square Enix says that the modern collection of the classic titles will feature “simple and intuitive controls that mimic retro gameplay, paying homage to where the legacy began.”