Dragon’s Dogma II Locations: Where is the new game set?

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Dragon's Dogma II Locations

In this article, we’ll try and speculate on Dragon’s Dogma II locations. Despite seeing only Gransys so far, the world of Dragon’s Dogma is much larger. By speaking to other characters in the first game and doing some research online, you can find many other regions that belong to the world of Dragon’s Dogma.

Now that a trailer for Dragon’s Dogma II has been released, and seeing how many fans worldwide are looking forward to the upcoming game, I thought to list some locations where Dragon’s Dogma II might be set in. If we’re lucky, the game will be set in a huge open world featuring many kingdoms in this list, or even all of them. Also, be sure to read our Dragon’s Dogma II PlayStation Showcase trailer analysis.

If you’ve already seen the trailer, you may have noticed that many locations (or rather, almost all the locations) shown in the trailer were completely new to us. That means that there’s a high chance Dragon’s Dogma II will be set in another region that’s not Gransys.

However, revisiting Gransys would be delightful as well. And there is one reason for me to think that Gransys might be featured in the game. It’s the structure that was shown in the trailer that looked strikingly similar to the Bluemoon tower from the first game. It remains to be seen if it’s the same tower or a different one altogether, and we should be patient.


Dragon's Dogma II Locations

Meloire is a kingdom that I personally am really interested in. This land is ruled by Godking Leonart, the father of Duchess Aelinore, who married Edmun Dragonsbane and depending on player choices fell in love with the Arisen. Also, I think it’s appropriate to mention Mirabelle, Aelinore’s handmaiden and trusted friend who cares for her as if she was her own sister. Godking Leonart of the House of Biquard is a legendary figure in the history of Dragon’s Dogma, as he is another person that killed a Dragon. He is also a genius military leader and tactician.

If you watched the trailer of Dragon’s Dogma II, you will have noticed a town square in which a statue of a warrior killing a dragon (I may be mistaken and the creature might be from some other species, but I recognised it as a Dragon) and I wonder if it’s Lord Leonart. If that is the case, then we can assume that Dragon’s Dogma II will feature Meloire. But keep in mind that this is simply speculation and nothing’s set in stone yet.

Since we already explored the subject of Meloire a bit, let me explain some more about the land. You may have found uncommon armour that originated from this land. One of them is the Meloirean armour set which has a dark-coloured appearance. Apparently, this is not a paint and the unique steel of Meloire which is hardy and famous. The kingdom is said to be mostly peaceful. It’s also said that the warriors of Meloire are especially tough and talented.

Dragon's Dogma II Locations
Meloirean armour.

Meloire is one of the only kingdoms with a reasonable amount of lore behind it.


Very little is known about this kingdom, and I couldn’t find any information about the leadership or sovereignty of the nation. The kingdom is situated in the Liogran peninsula, and it was divided into two kingdoms: Gransys and Liore. This happened about 250 years before the Arisen’s time.


Dragon's Dogma II Locations
Lord Julien wearing Voldoan armour

Voldoa is a nation under an unnamed lord that is served by knights. One of the most prominent and only known knights from the kingdom is the resourceful and cunning Julien. The hefty set of armour he wears, known as Voldoan armour, is from the kingdom as the name implies. Voldoa is situated west of Gransys.


Crest of Hearthstone

Ruled by Grende Hearthstone, this nation is where the pleasant and helpful knight Mercedes Marten is from. Grende Hearthstone is actually Mercedes’s father, and he sent her to Gransys in order to aid in the battle against the dragon. Lord Julien says that the reason why Grende didn’t send one of his two sons -that is, an older brother of Mercedes- is because sending her to Gransys was merely political. It’s a rather good tactic by Grende to send Mercedes and not one of his valued generals and powerful soldiers along with them. Defeating a dragon is a task fit for the greatest of men, and Grende must’ve assessed the risk and taken the choice to only send Mercedes.

The Captain’s armour set, which is worn by Mercedes, depicts a black griffin, which is the being on the crest of Hearthstone.

Mercedes wearing the Captain’s armour.

All of the aforementioned kingdoms are in a pact to aid each other at the time of a Dragon attack. That’s why Mercedes and Julien are present in Gransys in the events of Dragon’s Dogma.

The Mainland

A place mentioned by certain characters in the first game, we don’t have any images of anything regarding the mainland, and the available lore behind it is very little.

A man named Merrick shares his knowledge of the Mainland with the Arisen, saying that the Great Library of the Mainland is the finest collection of scholarly letters and books in all lands.

It’s said that the city of Auldring on the mainland is probably the most important city on the land. Apparently, the Great Library and the Grand Cathedral are situated in Auldring. You can hear from many people that the Faith is sending theists to Gransys so they can learn about the Dragon first-hand. After completing Quina’s quest, she departs to the Grand Cathedral in search of more information about the Dragon because it is the place that holds the most knowledge of the wyrm.

What do you think are the Dragon’s Dogma II locations? Share your speculation on the forums!