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Dragon’s Dogma: Non-mage Classes

Dragon's Dogma: Non-mage Classes

Dragon’s Dogma has multiple Vocations or Classes to choose from. All of these classes offer a unique and fun gameplay experience. Let’s look at the Non-mage Classes in Dragon’s Dogma to determine which is the best for your playstyle.

Before the comparisons, I must say that non of these classes are “Bad”. All of these can be very versatile and fun, so try them all out. There are five Non-mage Classes in Dragon’s Dogma: Fighter, Strider, Warrior, Ranger, and Assassin.

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Read on to learn more about each of the non-mage classes!

The Fighter

Dragon's Dogma: Non-mage classes
“A melee specialist with attacks and counterattacks able to cut through any resistance. Wields Swords and Shields.”

The Fighter is a basic vocation that you can select right at the start of the game. This Vocation is very easy to learn but can be difficult to master. This is a balanced class that utilises powerful attacks along with superb defensive capabilities. This is one of the most versatile Vocations in the game. The only downside is that it offers no Ranged capabilities. The Fighter relies on Blocking and precise counterattacks instead of dodges. There are a lot of skills you can learn that will increase the power and usefulness of this class. You can also wear some of the best-looking armour sets in the game with this class. The Fighter is perfect for a knight playthrough. This class offers superior balance.

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The Strider

“This nimble warrior can both mount and attack foes, and use a bow to strike from afar. Wields Daggers and Bows.”

The Strider is a vocation that offers fast attacks and dodges. You can’t use a shield with this class so its defensive capabilities are not that good. You can use a bow too, and this is a huge advantage because it’ll be easier to hit enemies’ weak points. This vocation has very high stamina and you can climb onto foes and unbalance them, or even aim for their weak points. As this class offers little to no defensive options, you’ll need to attack hard and fast and try to overpower the enemies with speed. There are a ton of skills you can use for both your bow and your daggers. The Strider offers great offence and speed.

The Warrior

“A fighter especially skilled at melee combat, and who is unafraid of death. Wields Longswords and Warhammers.”

The Warrior is the most powerful and lethal melee vocation. Relies on extremely hefty, powerful but slow attacks. A single blow from the greatsword or the Warhammer can flatten enemies, and stun most of them. You can easily overpower your enemies with this and can attack without interruption at most times. The Warrior has a very large health pool and this is a tank class. You don’t rely on any dodges or defensive skills and the huge health pool helps you stand tall amidst heavy attacks. You can wear rugged and heavy armour sets which can absorb tons of damage. There are a couple of downsides to this class, however. Them being the sluggish, slow movement and not being very versatile. But if you want to cosplay Guts from Berserk or simply want to flex on your foes as an absolute giant, this is the class for you. Basically, a very offensive and not-so-defensive class.

The Ranger

“A strider whose exceptional bow skills make them a deadly threat from afar. Wields daggers and Longbows.”

The Ranger is the best long-range non-mage vocation in the game. The Daggers are just there for emergencies. There aren’t a lot of skills to be used on the daggers. But the Ranger is a beast from afar. You can wield heavy, giant bows that will make enemies fly. You can obtain skills that can fire multiple arrows at once in a lot of directions and that fire a burst of arrows that will rain upon the enemies like machine gun fire. This class is best utilised if you have offensive Pawns. The Ranger can easily interrupt many enemy attacks and stun them to oblivion. Plus, it looks extremely cool and badass when you use this class. The Ranger is best suited for doing great stun damage, assisting your pawns and disrupting enemy attacks.

The Assassin

Dragon's Dogma: Non-mage classes
“An expert at covert attacks aided by mastery of a variety of weapons. Wields swords, daggers, shields and bows.”

The Assassin is the most versatile and expansive non-mage vocation. It’s also very complex and can be hard to learn and even harder to master. You have a multitude of extremely powerful skills at your disposal. Powerful abilities can be applied to each of your weapons. The Assassin is a nimble combatant that uses various powerful, complex techniques to destroy foes. The downsides to this class are few. One of them is its complexity and overwhelming nature. You can use dodges and double jumps with this class, allowing for easier traversal as well as combat. This class is especially powerful if you explore and hunt your foes at night, and travelling alone without any companions. You can use various skills like blinding flashes and instant takedowns with this class. It will be extremely difficult to travel alone, but it will surely be a rewarding experience with the Assassin Vocation. One can say that The Assassin is the best class among all of the Non-mage classes in Dragon’s Dogma.


Hopefully, the vocations will become a bit clearer for you with the above brief explanations. Each and every vocation of this game has its own advantages and disadvantages. Don’t stick to just one vocation. Experiment with all of them and choose the best one for you and your pawns. It’s important to have a versatile party with you, so pay attention to the skills and abilities of these vocations when you establish your party.