DreamCatcher Launches Keepsake

The Adventure Company, a leading publisher of PC adventure games, today announced that Keepsake has been shipped to retailers across North America. In the enhanced North American version, players will be immersed in an enchanting world of mystery reminiscent of King’s Quest and Syberia with a touch of Harry Potter. Developed by Wicked Studios Keepsake has received an ESRB rating of ‘E’ for Everyone and is available at retail for SRP $29.99.

The adventure unfolds as you take on the role of Lydia, a young girl headed to the gates of Dragonvale Academy to become an apprentice. The Academy is an institution of magical research – a place where the arcane arts are taught to a new generation of mages. Upon Lydia’s arrival, she discovers something is terribly amiss… She finds the keepsake she gave her best friend Celeste, but Celeste and the other scholars are nowhere to be found. In this world of mystery, beauty, and unparalleled imagination you will explore and master the forces of magic to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the gates of Dragonvale Academy. Challenge yourself to solve the mystery behind the strange disappearances, the beloved keepsake, and the treachery that lurk the halls of the prestigious Academy.

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