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Dundee hosting Lemmings 30th anniversary documentary

Lemmings 30th anniversary documentary

What better way to celebrate the Lemmings 30th anniversary documentary than at home?

Exient announced today that the premiere of Lemmings: Can You Dig It? – a documentary commemorating the 30th anniversary of the classic Lemmings video game – will take place at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA). The game, which was created by DMA Design in Dundee, is the topic of this one-night-only documentary at the DCA.

The Lemmings return home

Lemmings is a puzzle and strategy game franchise that was initially released for the Commodore Amiga by Liverpool-based Psygnosis. It has now expanded to many other platforms, including Sony’s PlayStation and, more recently, smartphones.

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In this one-night-only benefit show, we’ll watch as the documentary delves into the history of the Britsoft classic, speaking with the individuals behind the original game and its ardent admirers. Furthermore, the Lemmings: Can You Dig It? documentary honors this classic of gaming culture in Scotland and the United Kingdom by speaking with the individuals responsible for its original success, as well as recognizing its legacy in gaming and beyond.

Tickets for the documentary’s debut are available at the Dundee Contemporary Arts website. Apart from the premiere, the documentary will be available for general viewing on streaming platforms in December.

Watch the teaser trailer down below!