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Dystopian cyberpunk action shooter Black Future ’88 out now on PC and Switch

Indie developer Super Scary Snakes has released a new 2D roguelike action shooter called Black Future ’88. It’s out now on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

The game is available starting today on the Nintendo eShop and Steam. It retails for $19.99, although there is a special launch discount of 10% off on both platforms until November 28.

Black Future ‘88 is synth-punk Contra with tons of explosive twists,” the developer says. “In a grim alternate history where it’s always 1988, you’ll ascend a procedurally generated tower through a merciless onslaught of bullets, lasers, and steel on a mission to exact revenge on the maniac who destroyed the world with nuclear fire.”

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The hitch is that you only have 18 minutes until your heart explodes. Yikes! But at least you can try to survive the neon dystopia with a friend. The game supports both single-player and two-player local co-op. Black Future ’88 also supports Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature, letting PC players join a friend’s match online without owning a copy of the game.

In addition to the digital releases on Steam and the Nintendo eShop, a physical release of Black Future ’88 on Nintendo Switch is expected to launch at retail stores in 2020.

YouTuber SplatterCatGaming has a useful demonstration of the game on his channel to give you a better sense of what the game is all about. You can watch that below!