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E3 2010: Sony Press Conference

Live Blogging

2:56 Sony starts 4 minutes early. Hope no one misses anything important!
2:58 “Come on, who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade?”
3:00 No numbers, Jack? You know it’s coming!
3:03 Kaz talking about 3D gaming. 20 titles in 3D by March 2011. Pain, WipeOut HD and other current PSN titles will support 3D starting today.
3:05 Killzone 3 live demo… audience wearing 3D glasses.
3:08 Demonstrate the new jetpack that you will take control of in Killzone 3… it’s quiet, too quiet.
3:11 Took control of a gattling gun in a drop ship, mowing down a lot of Helghast.
3:12 Killzone 3 will come out in February 2011 and will be fully compatible with PlayStation Move.
3:14 3D games coming to PS3 this year: Motorstorm Apocalypse, The Sly Collection, Gran Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Ghost Recon and NBA 2K11
3:22 “Moving” on…

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3:24 lol, I like their cockiness making fun of Wii Sports Boxing
3:26 Sorcery announced designed around the PlayStation Move. Looks like a Harry Potter game.
3:29 There’s a big difference between the sensitivity in this and Zelda.
3:34 Showing off Tiger Woods now… “it’s more than about flicking the wrist”… it’s about the motion!
3:36 Motion seems to be smooth and precise.
3:39 Heroes on the Move announced for PS3: Sly Cooper, Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter and Bentley team up for the first time.
3:44 Gaming is “staying up until 3 a.m. to earn a trophy that isn’t real… but is”.
3:48 PlayStation Move will be available in Europe September 15 and America September 19… will cost $49.99 with the Move Navigation Controller costing $29.99… $100 bundle will get you a PlayStation Eye, Move and Sports Champions video game… PS3 Slim bundle for $399.99 will include PlayStation Move, Eye and Sports Champions
4:02 PSN has more than 50M registered users… PS3 is the most connected system on the market
4:11 PlayStation Network will continue to remain free. PlayStation Plus will offer “preferred early demos and public betas”, PlayStation minis, map packs, etc. for the “duration of the subscription”. It will cost $17.99 for 3 months and $49.99 for a year.
4:15 EA comes out to talk about Medal of Honor. The single player game is being developed by EA and the multi-player by DICE, makers of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
4:20 The multi-player beta is coming June 21. Limited Edition exclusive to the PS3 will include a remastered Medal of Honor: Frontline.
4:24 Dead Space 2 Limited Edition will be exclusive to PS3, which includes Dead Space Extraction with PlayStation Move support.
4:25 Gabe Newell, an avid PS3 critic in the past as the head of Valve, just took the stage to announce Portal 2 for the PS3. The game will support Steam with automatic updates and other goodies.
4:30 Mafia II will have exclusive content, free of charge, on the PS3.
4:40 Sucker Punch is working on inFamous 2. Play as a new character with a giant demon looking monster in the streets. Coming out in 2011.
4:42 Twisted Metal makes its PS3 debut in 2011. David Jaffe is on the development team. Online team deathmatch mode (support for up to sixteen players) is demonstrated.
4:50 Pretty strong closing for Sony after a middle that seemed to drag on forever.
4:56 That’s all we have for now. Join the discussion on the forums. We want to know what you think about Sony’s performance!